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Ron Weasley!

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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 1997|12:34 pm]
Ron Weasley!
you know, i think it would be a good idea if CERTAIN PEOPLE would stop FOLLOWING ME AND MY NEW GIRLFRIEND: MORAG MACDOUGAL about and pretend as though it does not bother them that now i have a pretty girl, who is always fun to be around on my arm, and she is wonderful and she does not have frizzy hair or an incessant need to nag about things which are certainly not my fault, such as where her book is or why i don't pay more attention to snape when he's talking or how if i would just join spew i would probably be a better person. it would be just great is people wouldn't follow us around saying what a coincidence it is that they happened to run into us and isn't it a lovely day outside and then hum to themselves as if they haven't got a care in the world and go back to their dormitories and write long love letters to VIKTOR SODDING KRUM who no one thinks is that handsome anyway and WHY is the entire world mad for him i really do not understand.


have you all managed to meet my new girlfriend? she talks with lemons. but other than that, what is more important is that she likes picnics and feeding ham to the giant squid, which we have done and it was wonderful might i say. JUST WONDERFUL. SO WONDERFUL IN FACT THAT I HAVE TO TELL ALL OF YOU ABOUT IT BECAUSE I HAD SUCH A GOOD TIME AND STOP PRETENDING THAT I AM JUST DATING HER TO GET BACK AT YOU HERMIONE. I LIKE MORAG. DEAL WITH IT.
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(no subject) [Oct. 1st, 1997|08:15 pm]
Ron Weasley!
so i finally figured my basket out, which was a little obvious after morag said that she'd noticed how quiet things got when she was watching me, it was pretty clear that someone thought i ought to see her...more often.

so we had lunch together today, and it went along SMASHINGLY if i do say so. morag is very interesting and unlike certian other people does not have a stick up her bum. she had lots of funny stories and i thought the lunch was pretty good, so i thought that maybe. i mean. i've just been thinking that i had a good time and i like having a good time and i think it would be best if we saw more of each other, morag macdougal, because i rather like you. in fact. i rather fancy you and your conversations with lemons and rum cake. so maybe you'd like to have lunch tomorrow?

we could go and feed our ham to the giant squid. it isn't like cannibalism because i think the squid rather likes it when people feed him and pigs are not at all squids, although i don't think i would try giving him calamari, because that would be terrible. terrible indeed.
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(no subject) [Sep. 29th, 1997|09:59 am]
Ron Weasley!

there's something funny going on, earlier this morning i was eating breakfast and all of a sudden i had...i think it was celestina warbeck in my head and i do not like celestina warbeck, i want everyone to know, and so i couldn't really explain it but it has not STOPPED for several hours now, and i don't know if i'm the only one that can hear it but it can't go to class like this! i mean, if i'm hearing music how am i supposed to hear the professors? i mean not that i care if i can hear some of them, but still, it's the principle and for some reason...there is a giant pink and white...THING on top of hermione's head, i'm looking at it right now, and no one else seems to notice it what is going on i need to know because CELESTINA WARBECK.
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(no subject) [Sep. 20th, 1997|07:50 am]
Ron Weasley!
attn: hufflepuffs!

come and claim your captain from GRYFFINDOR COMMON as he is unwanted and arrogant, acting all chuffed with himself for having the password. i still don't know why he has to know exactly other than apparently he and harry are friends now, but if you ask me i think he's probably just trying to steal quidditch secrets and THAT CANNOT STAND because no one is giving up quidditch secrets least of all harry james potter who might i remind you mr. potter you do already have several good mates and while we are all pleased as bloody punch that captain tibetan tribal chanting is now your newfound twin you could at least meet him somewhere where the rest of us aren't going to have to worry that we'll have to speak in code to discuss the normal things that we do discuss, namely a certain sport that we must strategize for and gin, actually have you interviewed anyone for the missing positions? i mean, we all miss katie...but we do kind of need that extra chaser put in and no. biddy cannot join because we will all just have a fit if she does.

anyway yes. come and get the dolt. he's faffing about with his HAIR and his...i don't know just get him. i'm tired. where's the toast? breakfast now.
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(no subject) [Aug. 24th, 1997|07:02 am]
Ron Weasley!
i think everyone is calming down, i mean they'd have to eventually, it just takes awhile, dad has been mourning the toaster for a few days, but i assured him that we could probably get another one, that harry could come with us to iopuweheaakjdf! and we could probably have him figure out the money and everything, not that ginny is any slouch when it comes to muggle money.

right now we're staying with slkhsdfklhsda...all right. that's enough of that, apparently i will not be revealing anything about where and who we're staying with because of HERMIONE who is a genius but still it is rather inconvenient because what would happen if i were to say, send an owl somewhere? like if i wanted to send harry a parcel of...oh i don't know, possibly a set of solid gold gobstones, but i couldn't write the ADDRESS WHAT WOULD I DO THEN? BECAUSE I CAN'T PLAY WITH THEM or anything. i mean i wouldn't. they're a birthday present, that's right, they're a present, for some occasion and i can't figure out where to send them even if he's in the alkjsdlkjjaas.


right. so. yes. the toaster and also his plug collection, we salvaged a few things from the fire, i mean there's a few clothes that managed it, and did you know we had a dragon hide cloak? i didn't until we turned it up in the ashes, i think i probably ought to send it to percy, then he can faff about with it and pretend to be some kind of heroic minister's sidekick. but anyway. so i have some of my bad sweaters, and i think ginny saved her birthday dress that i got her last year, which is yellow. and then a few rubber duckies that weren't in too bad shape, but mostly, i think i'm going to need to buy about a thousand pairs of trousers, because all of mine have gone and burnt up.
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(no subject) [Aug. 2nd, 1997|08:42 pm]
Ron Weasley!
um. guys?

we're not home.

i need to. i mean. i probably ought to do something proactive. dad, mum, ginny, harry n' me are all on vacation as of five this morning, bill is at the bank, charlie is in guinea or delhi or someplace similar wrangling some stampeding shortsnouts, percy's at the ministry and fred and george are about somewhere, they were with us when we left, and they definitely didn't go home, i think they're holed up in a room upstairs, testing something very top secret.

but. i think. i figure i need owls. lots of owls. are you all right, luna? and um...hermione? you're both ok, that is?
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(no subject) [Jul. 28th, 1997|11:26 pm]
Ron Weasley!
i've been listening to the wireless with mum for a few hours, but she keeps sobbing, so i can't really sit in there anymore, she keeps saying things about bill and charlie and percy, like they're going somewhere. i don't htink i've ever seen her wring her hands so much. dad cooked tonight, which is probably the only time that has ever happened in the entire history of our family, mum doesn't seem herself, i know she's afraid.

we're all afraid.

you know, i do hate to say it, but to be perfectly honest, i think this may have been brewing for awhile, and if we all come out unscathed it would be the kind of miracle that our mum would only dream about. harry? are you all right, mate? i mean, i just wanted to check on you. and hermione i spect you're fine, being in the muggle world and everything, but are all of us...i mean nothing has happened yet...right?
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(no subject) [Jun. 22nd, 1997|10:28 pm]
Ron Weasley!
exams are bollocks.

back to the burrow. i think i will have to burn my transcripts on the way home. harry? we haven't exactly talked about it, but you're coming...i mean to st. catchpole right? unless, someone told you that you ought to stay somewhere else, in which case you can owl and i'll owl you back or maybe i'll get to see you sometimes. but um, you're welcome. at the burrow, that is. i mean mum would just keel over and die if you didn't come at all, because she's going to tut and say you need feeding and then make pasta and sausages and bread pudding and cream cakes and well ginny likes the angel cakes and treacle tart and divinity and probably the really good mashed potatoes that she makes for company, because we get the kind with the skins still on and milk instead of cream you know, but she's not fancy like that. so yes, you really have to come because i want cake.

and. well. i ought to say something to mum, before we um...you know she doesn't know about. i can't really. i want to see you over the summer and everything, hermione. you know that. but i'm not really sure how everyone's going to take to that and fred and george...ugh. so maybe. maybe we ought to just owl or something, yeah?
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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 1997|08:42 pm]
Ron Weasley!
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(no subject) [Jun. 13th, 1997|02:06 pm]
Ron Weasley!
will all of you just piss off?

harry is fine. i just...he's fine. he's been gone the better part of the day because he's been...um...well he's been ill and i don't have to explain anything to you people so will the lot of you, and do take this personally SOD OFF because you're upsetting hermione, and harry is not feeling his best.

NOTHING TO SEE HERE. MOVE ON YOU STUPID GITS. it's been a bad day for the lot of us, so if you all would kindly shut your mouths and listen for more news later, that would be spectacular and i do mean everyone. honestly, what is wrong with you people? nattering about how he's been lit on fire and is vomiting purple. it is absolutely not a laughing matter so CLAM IT.
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